Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

How long have you been in the jewelry business? We've been serving our customers for over 45 years.
 Do you have a gemologist on staff? Yes, we currently have a G.I.A Graduate Gemologist on staff. If you have any further questions, you can schedule an appointment to speak with our gemologist by filling out this form.
Do you sell certified diamonds? Yes, all of our diamonds are certified from 1ct and up. 


About Our Services

 Can you repair jewelry? Yes, you can ship us repairs but first we need to see a few photos so we can get an idea and approximate costs for you. You can also drop off at our store location. 
 Where are your repairs done? Repairs are done at our store location.
Can we request a special order? Yes, we can schedule a phone call, facetime or an in person appointment. 
How long does a special order take? Typically 2-3 weeks. For orders requiring more intricate details as much as 1 month. 
Can we use our gold to create a special order? Yes, and only labor charges would apply unless you need more gold or stones for your project.
How does the jewelry design work? We have experienced jewelers on staff and they design your jewelry by hand. We can also build your jewelry using 3D imaging/printing for a quicker turnaround. 
Where do you source your chains? We source them from Italy and Germany and are Nickle free. 
Do you repair costume jewelry? Yes we do. However we require you to approve the repair beforehand. Due to the material used in some costume jewelry materials may have a small percent of discoloring and or burning. 
I like your designs, could I modify a few things?  Yes we can. We'll require you to schedule an appointment with us. Once the design is approved it typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete.
Do you carry more than what you show online or specific jewelry? Yes, use our form or call us to request something special and we'll look through our inventory for it or something similar.  
Is ring sizing free? Sizing down is free. If we need to add material there's additional costs.
Do you warranty jewelry? Yes, 1 year warranty postage is paid by client.