Our Story

It all started with Ernesto, my father, when he arrived to the United States from Quito Ecuador. He brought his passion of creativity and hard work ethics with him. When he first arrived to the U.S. he worked many different jobs to be able to support his family. One of those jobs he gravitated most was jewelry and the shop that he worked for at the time. It was there he took his passion of repairing jewelry and creating new designs.
A few years at it he ended up investing his life's savings into the same shop which eventually became known as E.G. Jewelers. It was there where he began to bring his family together through work. With a few years of training, most of his brothers left to open their own businesses in the Jewelry Exchange on 47th Street. The demand for jewelry repair was so popular that Ernesto opened up a second store location between 85-86 street on Broadway. I remember my father arriving home late because he always wanted to meet all of his customers demands. He inspired me as a child on how creative he was and how he could invent almost anything to fix a piece of jewelry. It meant so much to him to know that clients trusted him so he gave it his all.
Today Ernesto's Jewelry is still open for service on the Upper West Side and continues to serve the community. Our staff consists of, my cousin, two Master Jewelers, whom we've known for over 20 years and consider family, a watchmaker, my father and I. We have expanded our services to new social media platforms and online shopping experiences to better serve our customers and never forgetting to keep the same traditions of treating our customers like family. We appreciate you all for entrusting us with your personal keepsakes and family heirlooms.

"Thank you again to all of our customers! We sincerely could not have done this without your loyalty! - Ernesto's family